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Why river floodplains are key to preserving nature and biodiversity in the western US

Toklat River, sandybrownjensen/flickr, CC BY-SA

by Ric Hauer, Professor of Limnology, The University of Montana Copyright © 2016, The Conversation US, Inc. [excerpt:] Although they may not commonly be viewed as hotspots for biodiversity, gravel-bed river floodplains are by far the most important feature for nature across the landscapes of western North America. This is because gravel-bed rivers disproportionately create high diversity of habitats, concentrate …

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Notice of Intent to Sue CAL FIRE over Approval of Controversial Gualala River Floodplain Redwood Logging – “Dogwood” Timber Harvest Plan, Sonoma County

Redwood forest targeted for logging in Gualala River floodplain; Dogwood2

  Date: July 11, 2016 On Friday, July 8, 2016, Friends of Gualala River and Forest Unlimited attorney Edward Yates sent CAL FIRE (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection) a Notice of Intent to Sue over the agency’s final approval of the controversial, delayed “Dogwood” Timber Harvest Plan. The applicant is Gualala Redwoods Timber (GRT), which purchased the timberland …

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Cal Fire agrees to logging of redwoods on Lower Gualala River

River recreation next to Dogwood - 5421

by Mary Callahan, The Press Democrat, July 4, 2016 [excerpt:] Cal Fire has granted final approval to a contentious timber harvest plan that includes logging century-old redwood trees along the lower Gualala River, though environmental advocates who object may challenge it. The 330-acre “Dogwood” harvest plan had been subjected to a rare three rounds of public review and comment before …

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‘Dogwood’ floodplain logging plan approved over extraordinary public opposition

Wild & scenic Gualala River runs thorough Dogwood - 5416

On July 1, 2016, CAL FIRE approved the five mile long, 400+ acre “Dogwood” timber harvest plan (THP; logging permit) that lies entirely within the floodplain of the designated Wild and Scenic Gualala River.   Under current California forestry regulations, the floodplain (riparian) redwood forest is supposed to be protected against all logging disturbances like skid trails and haul roads …

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Botanist Peter Baye’s comments on recirculated “Dogwood” logging plan

Dogwood logging plan tree marked for cut

Letter from botanist & coastal ecologist Peter Baye on the recirculated “Dogwood” logging plan in the floodplain of the Gualala River (May, 2016) — download pdf: Comments by Peter Baye on the recirculated THP-01-15-042-SON Dogwood Brief excerpt: Conclusions and Recommendations The addition of skid road maps without corresponding data and analysis of sensitive floodplain forest resources is meaningless for impact …

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Logging plan along Gualala River faces opposition

Gualala River floodplain redwood forest

by Mary Callahan, The Press Democrat, May 10, 2016 [excerpt:] A disputed plan to log century-old redwoods along the Gualala River is running into stiff opposition from environmentalists who say the days of timber operations near North Coast streams, even on land long used for commercial logging, should be over. Opponents of the proposed timber harvest in northwestern Sonoma County …

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Public Comment re-opened for “Dogwood” Logging Plan

Gualala River floodplain near the County Park

CalFire has announced the re-opening of public comment on the “Dogwood”  floodplain logging plan (THP 1-15-042-SON) until Monday, May 16, 2016 at 5 p.m. CalFire says they are only re-opening the plan for public comment on the new material provided by the forester for landowner Gualala Redwood Timber (GRT). The recirculated timber harvest plan (THP) documents are located in CalFire’s …

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Letter to Burch family – Please reconsider floodplain logging plan

Gualala River floodplain

April, 2016 To: Roger Burch, President of Redwood Empire Sean Burch, Vice-President and GM of Redwood Empire Henry Alden, Forester Re: The Timber Harvest Plan dubbed “Dogwood.” Dear Sirs, We are residents of the Mendonoma Coast. We treasure our wild river, the Gualala River. We realize the Burch family recently acquired the 29,000 acres of Gualala Redwoods land previously owned …

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