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FoGR comments on THP 1-16-047 SON “German South” floodplain logging plan

Note: Close of public comment for this plan is Monday, September 12, 2016, at 5 p.m. Cal Fire – Forest Practice Program Manager 135 Ridgeway Ave, Santa Rosa, California 95401 September 8, 2016 SUBJECT: THP 1-16-047 SON (Gualala Redwoods Timber LLC “German South” THP) Dear CAL FIRE: Friends of the Gualala River submits the following comments and recommendations regarding …

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“German South” floodplain logging plan – comments by Rob DiPerna

20 year harvest history: Mouth of Gualala River watershed

Note: Close of public comment for this plan is Monday, September 12, 2016, at 5 p.m.   September 2, 2016 Cal Fire Resource Management North Coast Regional Office 135 Ridgway Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95401 EPIC Comments on THP 1-16-042SON, “German South,” Gualala Redwood Timber Inc. Dear Santa Rosa CAL FIRE Review Team: The following comments are submitted on behalf …

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2016 Experts’ comments on “Dogwood” THP

Dogwood logging plan tree marked for cut

Comments on the “Dogwood” floodplain logging plan (THP 1-15-042-SON), submitted on behalf of Friends of Gualala River by subject matter experts: Download: Comments by William Russell, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Studies; Comments by Teresa Sholars, emeritus Professor of Biology; Comments by Stuart Siegel, Ph.D., Professional Wetland Scientist. Our sincere thanks to these experts for their efforts on behalf of the …

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Environmentalists file suit over Gualala River logging plan

Wild & scenic Gualala River runs thorough Dogwood - 5416

by Glenda Anderson, The Press Democrat, August 9, 2016 [excerpt:] North Coast environmental groups have followed through on their threat to sue Cal Fire over its approval of a 400-acre logging operation within the floodplain of lower Gualala River. The lawsuit, filed last week by Forest Unlimited and Friends of Gualala River, alleges state forestry officials failed to meet mandated …

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CAL FIRE sued over Approval of Gualala River Floodplain Redwood Logging – “Dogwood” Timber Harvest Plan, Sonoma County

Redwood forest targeted for logging in Gualala River floodplain; Dogwood2

Date: August 8, 2016   On Thursday, August 4, 2016, Forest Unlimited and Friends of Gualala River, represented by attorney Edward Yates, filed a lawsuit in Sonoma County Superior Court to compel the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) to set aside the agency’s July 1st final approval of the “Dogwood” timber harvest plan in Sonoma County. …

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Jeanne Jackson speaks at the Rally for the River

Jeanne Jackson speaking at the "Rally for the River"; July 16, 2016; photo credit: Anne Mary Schaefer (

Local author and environmentalist Jeanne Jackson speaks out against the “Dogwood” logging plan in the floodplain of the Gualala River. Ms. Jackson writes the popular weekly “Mendonoma Sightings” column in the Independent Coast Observer as well as the blog, She is also the author of Mendonoma Sightings Throughout the Year: The Fascinating World of Nature on the Mendocino/Sonoma Coast, …

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Last Stands: North Coast timber conflict flares up—again

Bohemian: Trouble in Timberland

by Will Parrish, North Bay Bohemian, July 27, 2016 [excerpt:] . . . In this story, we highlight several timber-industry fights playing out in the North Coast. These sorts of struggles will shape the long-term well-being of rural economies, the health of local ecosystems and the well-being of indigenous cultures. . . . LOGGING THE GUALALA FLOODPLAIN Last year, Gualala …

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Photos of “Rally for the River” – July 16, 2016

"Rally for the River" - July 16, 2016; photo credit: Anne Mary Schaefer

We counted 180 – 200 participants, with dozens of spontaneously prepared hand-made signs and artwork. Speakers included Jeanne Jackson, Eric Wilder, Charlie Ivor, Larry Hanson, Peter Baye and Noreen Evans.                     See also, video: Jeanne Jackson speaks at the Rally for the River

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