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Sonoma County redwood forest spared from conversion into vineyards

by Louis Sahagun
June 4, 2013
Los Angeles Times

Environmental activist Chris Poehlmann in a costume to protest plans to convert coastal Sonoma County redwood forests into vineyards. (Louis Sahagun / June 4, 2013) . . .

Opponents organized under the banner Friends of the Gualala River mounted a campaign against the CalPERS-funded company that included street theater tactics and an online petition signed by 90,000 critics of the development project.

Chris Poehlmann, an environmental activist and specialist in designing interactive museum exhibits, appeared at public meetings of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors dressed as a 7-foot-tall, 40-pound wine bottle. He also carried a giant plywood replica of a chain saw.

“After all these years, our efforts have come to fruition,” Poehlmann said in an interview on Tuesday. “Now, these forest lands won’t be turned into mini-mansions attached to vanity vineyards polluting the watershed.”

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Sonoma County redwood forest spared
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