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Gravel Mining and the Garcia River

Gravel Mining and the Garcia River Sources of Information, Problems and Solutions Prepared for the Implementation Subcommittee of the Garcia WatershedAdvisory Group by Leslie Dahlhoff, May 19, 1996. I.  Sources of Information: Local: Fugro West, Inc. 1994.  Revised Draft Environmental ImpactReport for Gualala Aggregates, Inc Fugro West, Inc. 1995.  FEIR for Gualala Aggregates, Inc. MCRCD (Mendocino County Resource Conservation District). …

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William Hill: Scofflaw

This article was published in the Anderson Valley Advertiser in May, 1991. Reprinted with permission. By Bruce Anderson Courtesy: Anderson Valley Advertiser, Boonville, CA A horrendously damaging vineyard project is underway in the hills east of Boonville. A man named William Hill is scalping the hilltops of its vegetation to plant grapes. He owns about a thousand acres of land …

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Events 2008 and Older

Gualala River Alchemy! Saturday, August 24 1:00 p.m. Annapolis Winery Be there at the first, fun kick-off event in a public campaign to convince the third largest corporate winery in the world to spare 154 acres of Gualala River’s redwood forest from the chainsaw.   Read more →  Stop Clearcutting California Thursday, March 21 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Gualala Arts Center Clearcuts behind …

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