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Tues, March 5: Friends of Gualala River invites you to a Public Forum

FoGR Public Forum - March 5, 2019

  Tuesday, March 5, 2019 5 to 7 p.m. Gualala Community Center 47950 Center St., Gualala, CA 95445 You are invited to join members of Friends of Gualala River (FoGR) at a Public Forum at the Gualala Community Center on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, from 5 to 7 p.m. Jeanne Jackson, author of Mendonoma Sightings Throughout the Year, and ICO …

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Major Landslide on Wheatfield Fork, Gualala River, closes Stewarts Point-Skaggs Springs Road

Stewarts Point-Skaggs Springs Road, west of landslide near Soda Springs site (USGS map place-name). March 3, 2019.

  February 26-27, 2019, flood triggered a major landslide on the Wheatfield Fork, Gualala River, above and below Stewarts Point-Skaggs Springs Road. The large landslide occurred on steep north-facing slopes near the Soda Springs site (USGS map place-name), near the east end of Fuller Mountain, approximately 2.5 air miles east of the Annapolis Road bridge. The landslide extends from about …

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Steelhead spawning in Fuller Creek

  Fuller Creek, South Fork, is running almost clear on March 3, 2019, less than a week after the record-breaking 14” rainfall on February 26-27, 2019.   A large adult steelhead, about 18” long, was sighted at the west end of Buckeye Forest (formerly Preservation Ranch). It survived the intense floods that scoured the banks of the creek to levels …

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Gualala River in full flood: Wheatfield Fork

Feb 27, 2019: Wheatfield Fork Gualala River, Valley Crossing, Annapolis Road; view to west, north side. The floodplain riparian woodland here is deeply submerged, about 5 feet or more.

More river flood action photos. In this set: the Wheatfield Fork. Includes floodplain submergence (deeper than mid-February) at Twin Bridges, showing the Dogwood THP Haul Road covered in mud. Also shows Annapolis Road Bridge at Clark’s Crossing with log and wood debris on top, for the first time in decades!              

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Gualala River in full flood: South Fork & river mouth

Feb 27, 2019: South Fork Gualala River, Valley Crossing, Annapolis Road, view upstream. The large log and woody debris jam present in mid-February is blown out by the higher flood of Feb. 26-27.

  Below are a few photos that show some unusual flood features at the river mouth…. not just the spit erosion, but it’s transformation into a shallow submerged bar outlined by breakers oblique to the shoreline, extending offshore! This is temporary, forced by the river jet, against the shoreline configuration waves normally establish.    

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Gualala River estuary & bridge during heavy rain

Gualala River estuary during 'atmospheric river' (Feb. 26, 2019), photo by Jeanne Jackson

Here are some photos of the the Gualala River estuary & Highway 1 bridge during the heavy rains of the recent (Feb. 25-26, 2019) ‘atmospheric river’ event. The river is over its banks on both sides — the campgrounds on both sides of the river are flooded, as is Mill Bend and the Gualala Point Regional Park land across from …

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Dogwood III logging plan – submit your comments by Feb. 21, 2019

Redwood tree marked for logging in Dogwood THP, photo by Chris Poehlmann

Friends of Gualala River (FoGR) and our allies once again recently prevailed in court. The timber harvest plan called Dogwood has been found twice to fail to meet California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements for failing to evaluate project alternatives with less environmental impacts. FoGR also won on the lack of a Cumulative Impact study. Dogwood III is just as …

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Gualala River floodplain in action

Wheatfield Fork bridge downstream, Feb 2019

February 14, 2019 After the heavy rains of the recent ‘atmospheric river’ event, the Gualala River floodplain (threatened by the Dogwood logging plan) is doing its job.       South Fork bridge (Twin Bridges, Annapolis Road):  Large log and debris jams on the upstream side, and downstream to the confluence with Wheatfield Fork. The willows on the opposite bank …

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Protecting the Gualala River watershed & the species that rely on it

The Gualala River lagoon, by Mike Nelson

Friends of Gualala River (FoGR) would appreciate your continued, or perhaps new, enthusiastic support. Please aid our efforts to protect the river and its forests, speed their recovery, fight global warming impacts, and thus, most important, help preserve wild places for future generations. A good introduction starts with our mission statement: FoGR’s goal is to protect the Gualala River watershed …

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Not The Final Update on the Dogwood Timber Harvest Plan Saga

Wild & scenic Gualala River runs thorough Dogwood - 5416

This December, 2018 update details where FoGR is at the end of a tumultuous year of persistence. Everyone involved in the legal battles to protect the Gualala River floodplain should heave a sigh of relief, but not too deeply, for the struggles continue. Here we learn what may be next and why FoGR folks have to remain steady and vigilant. …

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River sightings

Deer reflected in the Gualala River - by Rick Denniston

Charles Ivor, President of Friends of Gualala River and a long-time observer of our river, entreats us to take time to visit, relish, and understand all the action taking place in the estuary of the Gualala River. As you drive into or through Gualala, check to see if the river mouth is open or closed, and take time on the …

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Native Trees and Forests of the Gualala River Watershed

1. Magnificent Bay Tree on Tin Barn Road

If we have ever taken a walk anywhere in our area and come back home without being able to name or describe a single tree, this article will make you think anew about the trees that surround us. Here, as well as on the Gualala River website, we learn why attending to trees and their differences makes us ever aware …

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Gualala River Watershed Impacts: A Broader Perspective

Larry Hanson speaking at "Rally for the River" - July 16, 2016; photo credit: Anne Mary Schaefer

A message from Larry Hanson, president of Forest Unlimited, an environmental organization based in Sonoma County, which has worked closely with Friends of Gualala River for many years. Forest Unlimited has been interested in the Gualala River watershed since its inception as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1995. When we were forming our organization for forest protection, we noted that …

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Gualala River Watershed Awareness and Protection Project

Wild and Scenic reach of the lower Gualala River on the bank opposite Dogwood THP area, 2016

It is human nature to take what is around us without paying special attention unless some aspect seems awry. Such is the case with the Gualala River estuary as well as the watershed area that extends up the river far out of sight of most of those who routinely enter and leave Gualala over the bridge. Yet the entire watershed …

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A Christmas Wish

California Red-legged frog, by Roberta Chan

Letter to the Editor, published in the Independent Coast Observer December 21, 2018 I have always regarded California as being in the forefront of environmental awareness and protection. However, after moving to Gualala 5 years ago and seeing the repeated attempts at logging in the floodplain of the Gualala River, I have been saddened by this disregard for the health …

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Magic Forest

Gualala River floodplain

Letter to the Editor, published in the Independent Coast Observer December 7, 2018 We would like to add our voices to those who are calling for the expansion of the regional park into the Magic Forest along the Gualala floodplain. There are so many reasons why this visionary plan would create the greatest good for the greatest number. From an …

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Help the River

Gualala River in fog

Letter to the Editor, published in the Independent Coast Observer November 30, 2018 The Gualala River needs our help. The other rivers in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties have their floodplains — and much more — protected. But our Gualala River’s floodplain still could be logged by the Burch family that owns it. Indeed, they have tried twice to log it …

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GUALALA RIVER: Vision and Mission — a sonnet

The Gualala River at dusk - by Craig Tooley

A sonnet, included in a letter to the Editor, published in the Independent Coast Observer November 30, 2018 And were you there two hundred years ago, small green island set in wide mouth of our Gualala River that now is shallow and slow? “No,” answer those slim young redwoods that tower above its banks. “This river then was mighty, a …

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Conservationist bids on Mill Bend

Mill Bend, photo by Bill Oxford

by W.W. Keller © copyright 2018, Independent Coast Observer reprinted with permission The Redwood Coast Land Conservancy and the Mendocino Land Trust announced on Thursday, Nov. 8, that an offer to buy the Mill Bend property in Gualala by an unidentified conservation buyer, has been accepted. The deal includes both the Mill Bend and the Lower Mill Bend parcels. …

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A Golden Opportunity

Wild & scenic Gualala River runs thorough Dogwood - 5416

Letter to the Editor, published in the Independent Coast Observer November 16, 2018 With the exciting news of the Mill Bend property in escrow to a conservation buyer, we see a golden opportunity to further protect the Gualala River for the benefit of everyone. The vast stretch of flat land along the south side of the river, from Gualala Point …

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