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Preservation Ranch officially preserved – May, 2013, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

by Brett Wilkison
May 31, 2013
Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Nearly 20,000 acres of remote forest once targeted for vineyard development in remote northwest Sonoma County will be set aside as timberland and wildlife habitat under a landmark conservation deal that closed Friday.

The property commonly called Preservation Ranch near the town of Annapolis is now owned by The Conservation Fund, a national group that specializes in forest protection. It led the $24.5 million purchase – aided by $14 million in state and Sonoma County open space funds . . .

The acquisition… puts a quick end to one of the county’s biggest land-use fights, a dispute that embodied the broader battle over the spread of Wine Country into North Coast forests . . .

Local environmentalists and others rallied for years against the project, generating significant political opposition and regulatory hurdles that ultimately may have forced CalPERS to reconsider.

“We were going to take this to the streets,” said Chris Poehlmann, president of Friends of the Gualala River, one of several local and national environmental groups that led the charge against the project.

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