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In Memory of Rick Jackson

This annual newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Friends of Gualala River Vice President Richard “Rick” Jackson who passed away on October 27, 2020 from complications of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Rick Jackson

Rick joined FoGR’s board in early 2017 at a crucial time when the volunteer organization was undergoing a transition and needed a serious boost in leadership to face the many challenges that lay ahead. Rick stepped up to serve as vice president and quickly got to work on the many pressing problems facing the Gualala River watershed.

Rick’s spouse, Jeanne Jackson, also joined FoGR’s board of directors at the same time, so FoGR was fortunate to gain a committed and powerful team. Rick provided steady and resolute leadership and, in partnership with Jeanne, established FoGR as an independent nonprofit organization. Together, he and Jeanne launched the first effort to protect the Gualala River’s floodplain from the Dogwood timber harvest plan, which FoGR continues to challenge.

Rick lived in the Gualala area for nearly twenty-five years. He loved the Gualala River and the Mendonoma area for its natural beauty, and he worked steadily to protect the watershed’s ecosystem and majestic redwoods. Rick was devoted to FoGR’s mission to protect the river and watershed, and he remained actively involved in the organization until his passing. FoGR is forever grateful to Rick for his invaluable contributions to protect the Gualala River and its watershed.

Donations may be made in memory of Rick either by mail:
FoGR, PO Box 1543, Gualala, CA 95445
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