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Mud Season

3/6/2006   John

“Old-timers say that Annapolis has two seasons… dust and mud. Well, with several days of non-stop heavy rain, I have to say we are definitely still in the mud season.”

“Here’s a mudslide that closed Annapolis Road during yesterday’s storm. The Gualala River is down in the canyon to the left.”
“A small muddy stream is flowing down the middle of the slide.”
“Here’s a Gualala River flood photo looking downstream at twin bridges. Alders knocked down in an earlier storm are submerged.”
“Here is a view upstream.”
“The South Fork and Wheatfield converge and the gravel mining bed is submerged.”
“Muddy water enters the estuary.”
“The mouth of the Gualala River has moved again back down to the bluff.”
“The muddy plume heads south and stretches far out to sea. You can see the blue waters along the horizon where the muddy plume stops. Yes, that thin strip of sand is Gualala Point beach with the estuary in the foreground.”