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Court Blocks Sonoma Vineyard Planting – December, 2013, Wine Spectator

Judge rules that winery needs
to review environmental impact;
Artesa argues land is zoned for farming

by Kasey Carpenter
December 13, 2013
Wine Spectator

The battle over more than 300 acres of undeveloped land on Sonoma’s coast owned by Artesa Vineyards and Winery isn’t over, but environmental groups have won a key round. A county judge has rejected several parts of Artesa’s environmental review of plans to plant vineyards on the property, blocking development of the site for now.

Three conservation groups who sued to stop development call it a victory for keeping the Sonoma Coast undeveloped and protecting the land. Artesa criticized the decision and is exploring options for moving forward. The ruling could also set a precedent for others looking to expand in California, specifically on the Sonoma Coast, which has proved a prime source for outstanding Pinot Noirs in recent years.

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Court Blocks Sonoma Vineyard Planting.


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