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“Preservation” Ranch, radio interview with Chris Poehlmann & Peter Baye

A radio interview with
Chris Poehlmann & Peter Baye

on Fred Adlers’ “Coastal Interviews”
The Tide, KTDE 100.5 FM, Gualala
September, 2009

Friends of the Gualala River representatives Chris Poehlmann (VP) and Peter Baye are Fred Adler’s guests on the “Coastal Interviews.”

The discussion concerns the 1,700 acre plus vineyard conversion project proposal, the largest conversion of coastal forestland to vineyards ever proposed in California, located in the heart of the undeveloped Gualala River watershed around Annapolis. It would transform the rugged and remote landscape of northwestern Sonoma County, and have profound eclogoic impact.

Topics covered include: water supply and quality for Gualala and The Sea Ranch, emergency and normal pesticide use, wildlife impacts, CalPERS public funding, developer promises on “organic,” domestic-only well pumping even during droughts, climate change and feasibility …even non-native bullfrog invasions.

More information

Preservation Ranch
Preservation Ranch,
in the heart of the Gualala River watershed


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