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Deforestation in Annapolis

Deforestation in Annapolis
Below is a list of some of the forestland-to-vineyard conversion projects currently undergoing environmental review in the Annapolis area of northwest Sonoma County, plus links to letters from experts and conservation groups evaluating the environmental impacts of these projects and some detailed maps.

Friends of the Gualala River joined the Sierra Club in legal action to strike down the Department of Forestry’s approvals of the Hansen/Whistler, Roessler and Martin projects. In 2006, the court issued a stipulated judgment setting aside CDF’s approval of the projects. The court ruled that before CDF can consider these projects, it must prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), so that potential adverse impacts can be considered, as California law requires.

CDF announced in October 2006 that they are preparing an EIR for the Roessler and Martin projects. The EIR for Artesa was announced in September 2004, but four years later the draft is still not complete. In fact, CDF has never successfully completed an EIR for a forestland-to-vineyard conversion.

In March 2007, the appellate court ruled that “…there is substantial evidence to support a fair argument that the [Campbell] timberland conversion project may have a significant effect on the environment, thus requiring the preparation of an EIR [Environmental Impact Report]” – see: Sierra Club and Friends of the Gualala River v. CA. Dept. of Forestry.

Plan THP # TCP #
Preservation Ranch    
Martin 1-04-059 SON 04-531
Roessler 1-04-055 SON 04-533
Hansen/Whistler 1-04-030 SON 04-530
Ridgetop Partners 1-02-219 SON ?
Artesa 1-01-171 SON
1-09-058 SON
Campbell 1-00-147 SON 00-469
Read letters from experts and conservation groups evaluating the environmental impacts of these projects.

Preservation Ranch
Preservation Ranch

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Other vineyard conversions
in the Annapolis area
Map of Vineyard Conversions in Annapolis

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Aerial photo, Campbell Vineyard, June 2003
Aerial photo of the Campbell Vineyard
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For additional aerial photos of vineyards in the Annapolis area, see our 2007 flyover of the Gualala River watershed (scroll down about half way).

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