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Question about “Preservation” Ranch, on KQED’s Forum, with Michael Krasny

Question about “Preservation” Ranch

on KQED’s Forum, with Michael Krasny
Thursday, March 11, 2010

Call-in from Chris in Annapolis, with a question on Preservation Ranch’s viability as a CalPERS investment in the current wine market:

Glenn Proctor’s response,

Anybody that had a plan two years ago or three years ago to plant pinot noir for a $50 – $60 per bottle price point is probably reconsidering, “should I be doing that or not?” today…

Summary of the show

Topic: The Bay Area Wine Industry
“Economic downturn, a real estate bubble that popped and a consumer shift to cheaper wine brands are all hurting the Napa and Sonoma Valley wine industries. We’ll discuss the state of the industry, including the situation with the European grapevine moth. Portions of Napa, Sonoma and Solano counties have been quarantined in response to moth infestation.”


  • Christine Hanna, president of Hanna Winery in Healdsburg
  • Dave Whitmer, agricultural commissioner for Napa County
  • Glenn Proctor, partner with Ciatti Wine/Grape Brokerage
  • Robert Nicholson, principal with International Wine Associates
  • Sue Michaelsen, real estate attorney and realtor/broker with KM Properties in Santa Rosa, which focuses on wineries and vineyards

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