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Gualala River Park

Historical Proposals

1955 – Sonoma County Planning Commission
Revised Beach and Shoreline Master Plan



  • Priority 1 – F. Gualala Riverbank and coastal shoreline.

    “This area is proposed for a major park because of its size, its natural beauty of second growth timber and other foliage, and because of its location along the Gualala River and the south fork. There are sandy beaches and many good campsites along the riverbank. The area would provide an excellent site for a major state park. The general area proposed is a strip about 1,100 feet wide including the fork of the river and including Valley Crossing to the intersection of the North Fork, then a continuing strip about one-fourth mile either side of the main stream extending to the ocean. There are approximately 1,500 acres of land in these strips, with nearly 10 miles of river frontage. An old railroad right-of-way which is now a road gives access to the area from the county road at Valley Crossing and also at the highway near the north county line.” (p. 7)


Gualala River Park

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