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Stop the Mad Water Grab: Commentary


Mad River, looking upstream

  • Water Wars
    – 7/11/04 San Francisco Chronicle

    “You are driving down the California coast to Monterey, looking out over the blue Pacific, and your view is interrupted by tugboats pulling what appear to be huge plastic bags the size of football fields going south. The bags are filled with water from Northern California rivers that has been sold to thirsty Southern California and Arizona residents.”

  • Sacking the rivers of California
    – 5/16/04 Faultline, California’s Environmental Magazine

    “For the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District, it started innocently enough. After Simpson Timber’s pulp mill closed on the Samoa Peninsula in 1998, HBMWD had up to 20 million gallons per day of extra water. The district hoped to use the water to attract new business to the area, bringing jobs, tax revenue, and lower wholesale water costs.”

  • Return of the Grevious Water Bags
    – 3/7/03 Sierra Club, Great Coastal Places Campaign

    “…entrepreneur Ric Davidge has moved north and is now proposing to take water from Humboldt County’s Mad River and barge it down to thirsty Monterey County or anywhere else that will buy it.”

  • What’s Wrong with the Mad River Water Grab
    – 2/27/03 Sierra Club Redwood Chapter, North Group

    “After decades of deceit over water transfers away from the north coast, it is a little astonishing to find that anyone is paying attention to this half-baked proposal. ”

  • Letter to HBMWD’s Task Force
    – 2/21/03 North Coast Restoration Jobs Initiative

    “As an alliance of labor leaders and environmentalists from Humboldt County, we feel the proposed plan places the Mad River watershed as well as our local economy and community in grave risk.”

  • Comments to HBMWD’s Task Force
    – 2/21/03 Diane Beck, Sierra Club Redwood Chapter

    “Did anyone ever really expect the Eel and the Trinity and the Klamath to be so devastatingly dewatered…? …we should not fall into the trap again by allowing the export of even more water.”

  • Critical decision this week on the Mad Water Grab
    – 2/18/03 Action Alert from EPIC

    “The Coalition to Stop the Mad Water Grab, of which EPIC is a member, asks that you call or write the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District today and tell them to say no to the Mad Water Grab!”

  • Letter to the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District
    – 2/13/03 Coalition to Stop the Mad Water Grab

    “…we strongly oppose the Aqueous proposal and urge you to reject any proposal to export water away from the Mad River or any other watershed in Humboldt County.”

  • Take Action – Mad River Water Bag Proposal
    – 2/12/03 Town Hall Coalition

    “…to protect the integrity of North Coast Rivers and secure the public trust, they should reject this proposal by Ric Davidge and Aqueous to privatize water from our North Coast rivers and streams.”

  • Reasons to oppose the Mad River Water Bags
    – 1/23/03 Community Clean Water Institute

    “Water is a public trust and a human right, not a private property. Water should be managed by democratically elected bodies on behalf of all inhabitants, not for the private benefit of special interests.”