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Vineyards & Water

North Coast Watershed Assessment Program: Vineyards

Section 1.1. (p. 1-9), Introduction and Overview, Continuing Challenges to RecoverySome areas of the North Coast have seen rapidly increasing agricultural activity, particularly conversion of grasslands or woodlands to vineyards. Such agricultural activities have typically been subject to little agency review or regulation and can pose significant risk of chronic sediment inputs to streams. Associated with development and increased agriculture, …

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Vineyard irrigation

Vineyard irrigation Estimates of water required November 2004 Every new vineyard conversion permit application filed in the Annapolis area within the past two years claims that they intend to dry farm their grapes. These new vineyards are planted at the intensive density rate of 1,100 grape plants per acre. According to several applications submitted by new vineyard developers in Annapolis, …

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We all live Downstream

We all live downstreamWhen it comes to water, we all live downstream. That’s why the vineyard development that is eliminating the redwood forests of Annapolis is so important to the lower reaches of the Gualala River and its estuary. Gualala River estuary, full to the brim after the rains begin copyright Friends of the Gualala River, October, 2004The Gualala River …

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Water or Wine?

By Chris Poehlmann,October, 2002It’s official. It is open season on the north coast forests. The California Department of Forestry (CDF) has just approved two of the many pending forestland to vineyard conversions in the Annapolis area. Clear cutting is presently taking place on many acres of conversions spearheaded by vineyard entrepreneurs. They hope to profit by permanently scraping an ancient …

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