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News and updates about vineyards in the Sonoma and Napa area

Water or Wine?

By Chris Poehlmann,October, 2002It’s official. It is open season on the north coast forests. The California Department of Forestry (CDF) has just approved two of the many pending forestland to vineyard conversions in the Annapolis area. Clear cutting is presently taking place on many acres of conversions spearheaded by vineyard entrepreneurs. They hope to profit by permanently scraping an ancient …

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May 9, 2002

January 5, 2005 Leslie Markham California Department ofForestry and Fire Protection 135 RidgewayAve. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Re:       THP 1-04-030 SONHansen-Whistler and associated conversion TCP 04-530 Dear Ms. Markham: I would like to submit these revised comments on theHansen/Whistler THP and Timberland Conversion THP 1-04-030 SON. The Friends ofthe Gualala River asked me to comment on this project this a …

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Conversion of Forestland to Vineyards

The ecosystems in the Gualala River watershed are under significant pressure. More than a century of logging operations has led to the buildup of sediment and gravel in the river bed, gradually destroying the river’s capability to support coho salmon, steelhead, and other indigenous species. Logging companies generally want forest to regenerate after harvesting timber, so habitat is eventually restored (after a verylong time). …

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Redwood or Red Wine Empire

By Chris PoehlmannRecent local events could lend credence to the expression “water flows uphill to money”. Just when we thought we had seen everything as far as environmental threats to our river, two more contenders have surfaced. The wildest is an application with the California Division of Water Rights by an Alaskan based international company to get appropriative rights to …

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William Hill: Scofflaw

This article was published in the Anderson Valley Advertiser in May, 1991. Reprinted with permission. By Bruce Anderson Courtesy: Anderson Valley Advertiser, Boonville, CA A horrendously damaging vineyard project is underway in the hills east of Boonville. A man named William Hill is scalping the hilltops of its vegetation to plant grapes. He owns about a thousand acres of land …

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