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Booze, a Banker, & The Bailout: The Murder of Mark West Creek

Booze, a Banker, & The Bailout:
The Murder of Mark West Creek

by Will Parrish
Anderson Valley Advertiser
November, 2010


. . . In its narrow drive to convert grapes into dollars with the greatest possible speed, the wine enterprise has clearcut vast sections of forest, sucked dry entire creeks and streams, reduced the once mighty Russian River to a trickle during many springs and summers, helped drive the river’s trout and salmon populations nearly to extinction, pumped countless tons of pesticides and herbicides into those same watersheds, destroyed tens of thousands of acres of riparian animal habitat, and recontoured dozens of mountain ridgetops to plant grapes in desired high-elevation microclimates, in the West Coast equivalent of the coal industry’s strip-mining of the Appalachian Range. All these activities are wholly dependent on migrant laborers, who the industry heavily exploits.

The tragic, stranger-than-fiction story of Henry Cornell’s own vineyard and proposed wine production factory, which cling to a steep southeastern slope of the Mayacamas Mountains, roughly seven miles northeast of Santa Rosa, reads as a distilled version of the relentless pursuit of the grape dollar by Sonoma County at large.

Cornell purchased his 120-acre parcel, which lies at the north fork of Mark West Creek, in 1999. It was a heady time for California’s enterprising viticulturists. . .

. . .

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Cornell Vineyards on Mark West Creek - unpermitted grading, 2005
Cornell Vineyards on Mark West Creek,
unpermitted grading, 2005.
photo credit: Friends of the Mark West Watershed

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