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Intact Forests in the United States: Proforestation Mitigates Climate Change and Serves the Greatest Good

Gualala River floodplain redwood forest

Climate change and its consequences are arguably the biggest existential threat to mankind and life on earth. Any foreseeable levels of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions will not be enough to meet the conservative 2.0º C target that climate scientists say is needed. We need to increase carbon sequestration in existing forests, wetlands and soils. This study points to conserving …

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Forest regs a self-defeating glut

1. Coast Redwood Reaching for the Light

by Paul Mann Mad River Union, June 10, 2016 [excerpt:] Timber industry officials and environmental activists warn that the state’s logging safeguards have become a bureaucratic snarl that can drag out rule-making for a decade and a half and more. Experts say that 43 years after the enactment of the Forest Practice Act, timescales are so out of joint that …

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How a Timber Harvest Plan Works, and How to Comment on THPs – EPIC

The Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) provides a wealth of information on forestry issues in northern California, including: How a Timber Harvest Plan Works Timber Harvest Plans in California: Review, Tracking, and Comment Writing – THP Workshop     EPIC is a community based, non-profit organization that advocates for science-based protection and restoration of Northwest California’s Forests.  

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CalFire approves third Dogwood THP; legal fight continues

90-100 year old redwood tree marked for cutting in Gualala River floodplain; photo credit: copyright © 2016 Mike Shoys, used with permission

by W. W. Keller August 9, 2019 © copyright 2019, Independent Coast Observer, Gualala, CA reprinted with permission In a letter dated July 31, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection or CalFire approved the third controversial Dogwood timber harvest plan stating, “You may begin timber operations proposed in the plan.” But while the letter says that property owner …

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Our local watershed protection organization: Friends of Gualala River

Gualala Point Regional Park - view of lagoon, by Bob Rutemoeller

by Tempra Board Soundings, Summer, 2019 © copyright 2019, The Sea Ranch Association reprinted with permission Friends of Gualala River (FoGR) has been in the news lately for its efforts to compel state agencies to protect sensitive Gualala River watershed habitat from the latest in a series of Timber Harvest Plans (THPs) proposed by the Gualala Redwood Timber (GRT) company. Get …

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Gualala River park idea garners 1,100 signatures

Redwood tree marked for logging in Dogwood THP, photo by Chris Poehlmann

and 3,000 signatures oppose third Dogwood logging plan by W. W. Keller news@mendonoma.com May 31, 2019 © copyright 2019, Independent Coast Observer, Gualala, CA reprinted with permission The Gualala River Park Coalition, a grassroots environmental organization, has collected more than 1,100 signatures from people who would rather turn the Gualala River floodplain into a public park than see its redwoods …

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Vision for a Gualala River Park

Vision for Gualala River Park

Spanning from bridge to bridge along a wild and scenic river A unique and majestic coastal redwood park with paths wandering along the Gualala River – protected and preserved for this and future generations to visit and enjoy. The park would preserve a seven mile corridor important for wildlife and complete with natural beauty. Public access to world class second …

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Importance of the Gualala River Floodplain: Presentation by Dr. Peter Baye

Importance of the Gualala River Floodplain: Presentation by Dr. Peter Baye, March, 2019

Presented at Friends of Gualala River’s Public Forum on March 5, 2019.   Download: Download a pdf version (4 MB) of the presentation: Importance of the Gualala River Floodplain: Presentation by Dr. Peter Baye   Audio excerpts: 1. Peter Baye describes Gualala River floodplain: 2. Peter Baye describes the evolution of the floodplain: 3. Peter Baye explains which agencies are …

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Native Trees and Forests of the Gualala River Watershed

1. Magnificent Bay Tree on Tin Barn Road

If we have ever taken a walk anywhere in our area and come back home without being able to name or describe a single tree, this article will make you think anew about the trees that surround us. Here, as well as on the Gualala River website, we learn why attending to trees and their differences makes us ever aware …

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Sonoma County Superior Court rules in favor of Friends of Gualala River’s second lawsuit over the “Dogwood” floodplain timber harvest plan

"Rally for the River" - July 16, 2016; photo credit: Anne Mary Schaefer

Media Release October 19, 2018 Sonoma County Superior Court once again has ruled in favor of Friends of Gualala River (FoGR) in its lawsuit against CAL FIRE’s approval of logging of coastal floodplain redwood forest in hundreds of acres of the Wild and Scenic Gualala River. The controversial “Dogwood” timber harvest plan (THP) proposed by Gualala Redwoods Timber LLC has …

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We Speak for the River

Gualala River estuary

How a Northern California community halted a plan to log old coast redwood trees in the Gualala River floodplain by Jeanne Jackson Published in Wild Hope magazine Fall, 2017 re-printed with permission The Gualala River empties into the Pacific Ocean at the border between Sonoma and Mendocino counties on the northern California coast. It is a wild river with no …

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