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Gualala River Park

Historical Proposals

1999 – Sonoma County Local Coastal Plan Revisions
DRAFT revised 6/99



  1. Gualala River Forest Trail – Proposed
    Discussion: “A trail paralleling the Gualala River was recommended as part of the Gualala Point County Park Plan. Owners of Gualala Redwoods proposed to make available to County Parks the opportunity to construct and operate a loop trail which could be moved by logging operations as required.”

    “Negotiate with landowner to acquire public use of a trail. Construct trail – no new support facilities needed.”

    Acquisition Priority: II     Development Priority: II

    “Note: (April 6, 1982) Accessways 5 through 9 have been modified to reflect the provisions of the Bane Bill. Litigation is pending challenging the Constitutionality of this legislation. If litigation results in invalidating the Bane Bill, the County will immediately initiate a Coastal Plan Amendment to reinstate the Coastal Plan access provisions originally adopted by the Board of Supervisors.”

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