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Harbor Seals at the River Mouth

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“At the tip of the Gualala Point sand spit on March 17, nine small harbor seals were hauled out on the back of the spit, near the edge of the muddly freshwater river outflow. There were no human footprints in the sand because the low beach was overwashed until low tide, barring human and dog harassment. The seals seemed to know, and took advantage of the opportunity.”

“Seals establish regular haul-out locations on sand spits that seem safe and undisturbed to them, like the mouth of the Russian River, where dogs and people are kept away from them. They quickly abandon sites they try out and find occupied by humans. The protected Russian River mouth gives visitors on the Jenner highway 1 pull-outs a great view of seals. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy’s new Gualala Bluff Trail had seal-watching?”