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Help the River

Letter to the Editor, published in the
Independent Coast Observer
November 30, 2018

The Gualala River needs our help. The other rivers in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties have their floodplains — and much more — protected. But our Gualala River’s floodplain still could be logged by the Burch family that owns it. Indeed, they have tried twice to log it and have only been stopped by successful lawsuits.

Logging the floodplain would only damage more the river that already officially is designated “impaired,” largely because of sediment caused by previous logging. Instead of logging the floodplain and the banks above the river, the Burch family should work with conservationists to save the river for the salmon, for the tourists who would come to enjoy the river and thus support the local economy, and for the local people who treasure its beauty.

If both counties become Charter counties, then Charter law, voted in by the citizens, permanently could protect the floodplain, the salmonids and the environment.

Let’s hope our elected officials will work to convince the Burch family to protect the river and floodplain or will expedite putting charters on the ballot so that the people themselves can protect our river by law.

Ellen Rosser
Point Arena, CA

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Gualala River in fog