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Thursday, September 14: Presentation by Chris Kelly of The Conservation Fund

Chris Kelly, California program director for The Conservation Fund

Thursday, September 14, 2017 6:30 to 8:00 p.m Gualala Arts Center 46501 Old State Highway Join us for a FREE community presentation by Chris Kelly on The Conservation Fund’s 14,000 acre Gualala River Forest and 21,000 acre Buckeye Forest (formerly “Preservation Ranch”). Discussion Topics Include: Public Access Carbon Credits and California’s Cap-and-Trade Program Sustainable Forestry vs. Conventional Forestry Chris Kelly, …

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Gualala River in June – Photo Calendar

A Humpback Whale breaches, by Ron LeValley

← Previous: Gualala River in May Next: Gualala River in July (coming soon)→                         All photos used with permission. Our sincere thanks to all of the photographers for sharing their photos with us!

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Gualala River in May – Photo Calendar

Baby Blue Eyes, by Bonney Ely

← Previous: Gualala River in April Next: Gualala River in June →                         All photos used with permission. Our sincere thanks to all of the photographers for sharing their photos with us!

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Gualala River in April – Photo Calendar

An Osprey snags a fish, by John Batchelder

← Previous: Gualala River in Winter Next: Gualala River in May → Springtime brings new life in and around the Gualala River by Jeanne A. Jackson After the winter rains, the Gualala River usually is closed off from the Pacific Ocean by a big sandbar. When the river closes, the water backs up into the lagoon and upriver, bringing perfect …

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Sonoma County Superior Court awards attorney fees for lawsuit over floodplain redwood logging in Gualala River “Dogwood” timber harvest plan

90-100 year old redwood tree marked for cutting in Gualala River floodplain; photo credit: copyright © 2016 Mike Shoys, used with permission

Friends of Gualala River Forest Unlimited California Native Plant Society MEDIA RELEASE Date: June 29, 2017 After halting logging in the environmentally sensitive mature floodplain redwood forest of the lower Gualala River, Judge René Chouteau of Sonoma County Superior Court awarded $162,000 in attorney’s fees to the successful parties in environmental litigation over CAL FIRE’s approval of the Dogwood Timber …

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Disputed Gualala River logging plan stalled pending revised study

Gualala River riparian forest

by Mary Callahan, The Press Democrat, June 20, 2017 [excerpt:] A disputed 2-year-old plan to log along several miles of the Gualala River floodplain remains in limbo five months after a Sonoma County judge nullified its approval and sent it back to state forestry officials for revision and additional public review. Acting on a lawsuit brought by environmental groups, Superior …

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Towering, remote Sonoma County forest preserved

Howlett Forest map

by J.D. Morris, The Press Democrat, May 7, 2017 [excerpt:] Deep in northwestern Sonoma County’s thickly forested mountains, about 10 miles from the coast and a world away from the bustle of any population center, Mike Young walked beneath a towering canopy of redwood and Douglas fir trees he’s come to know well over the past several decades. He was …

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Gualala River in Winter – Photo Calendar

Deer reflected in the Gualala River - by Rick Denniston

← Previous: Gualala River in Fall (coming soon) Next: Gualala River in April → Winter rains fall on the vast watershed of the Gualala River. When the land can no longer absorb more water, the rain flows into the tributaries of the Gualala River. The river changes daily. Big storms brings churning waters down the river, racing to the ocean. …

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