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Gualala River: North Coast Stream Flow Campaign

Despite protections in our system of laws, rivers and streams on California’s north coast being progressively de-watered with disastrous impacts to fisheries, aquatic ecosystems, recreational opportunities and the regional economy. The North Coast Stream Flow Campaign is a movement to get water back in northern California rivers. Mighty rivers that once teamed with fish and provided countless hours of recreation …

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“Climbing Redwood Giants” on the National Geographic Channel

National Geographic EXPLORER Tuesday, September 29 at 10:00 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel “Climbing Redwood Giants” tells the story of the world’s tallest living trees. Humboldt State University’s Steve Sillett, the first researcher to explore the redwood canopy, is obsessed with monster redwoods. To say Sillett likes redwoods is like saying Edmund Hillary was keen on mountains or Jacques …

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Gualala River: Unauthorized diversion by the North Gualala Water Company

Settlement Agreement between State Water Resources Control Board and North Gualala Water Company Water Company will pay a fine of $11,600, avoid making new service connections until it has submitted a revised water supply contingency plan and a revised streamflow measurement plan, and petition for change in the existing bypass term or apply for additional water appropriation. The North Gualala …

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