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Public Trust Policy

The Legislature has given the California State Lands Commission authority over California’s sovereign lands – lands under navigable waters. These are lands to which California received title upon its admission to the Union and that are held by virtue of its sovereignty. These lands are also known as public trust lands. The Commission administers public trust lands pursuant to statute …

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Measuring Redwood Giants – KQED Quest

QUEST on KQED Public Media. Duration: 6:17 Original Air Date: Friday, Dec 17, 2010 Forest ecologist Steve Sillett is leading a team of scientists as they climb and measure every branch of some of the last and tallest old growth redwoods in California. Their goal is to learn how these ancient giants have historically responded to climatic shifts and to …

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Gualala River opens after rainfall

The Gualala River lagoon was full to its brim after a large amount of rain this weekend. Around 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, a small breach opened in the sandbar about 200 meters south of its north end, directly across from the north viewing area of the Gualala Bluff Trail. This sequence of photos, taken by Bob R., begins at 10:49 …

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