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Gualala River opens after rainfall

The Gualala River lagoon was full to its brim after a large amount of rain this weekend. Around 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, a small breach opened in the sandbar about 200 meters south of its north end, directly across from the north viewing area of the Gualala Bluff Trail. This sequence of photos, taken by Bob R., begins at 10:49 …

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Pomo elders speak out about vineyards

Violet Parrish Chappell and Vivian Parrish Wilder Where we used to live, no one can see anything now. It is time we open our mouths. Those vineyard people are interfering with our ancestors’ area. Wherever our villages were, wherever we picked our food, those places are blessed places. When we had to live in two worlds, we had to get …

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2010 fundraising letter

Dear Friends and Neighbors,   I am writing to ask you for your financial support. Please join our efforts in protecting the Gualala River and its watershed. The Gualala River watershed is not only the source of our drinking water, but is also home to countless species of birds, fish, and other wildlife. Our beautiful river really makes this a …

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