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Forest panel hears Haupt Creek appeal

This article was published in the
Independent Coast Observer
on January 9, 2004.

By Julie VerranCourtesy Independent Coast Observer, Gualala, CA


The Board of Forestry, meeting in Sacramento on Tuesday, upheld the Department of Forestry’s denial of a timber harvest plan on Haupt Creek, inland from Stewarts Point.

The board heard three hours of testimony from Registered Professional Forester Charles Richardson, who prepared the THP; Leslie Markham representing the CDF, Stacy Martinelli for the Department of Fish and Game and Dave Hope for Water Quality.

Dave Jordan of Gualala, from whom we received this report, spoke for Friends of the Gualala River at the hearing. He emphasized the importance of the inner gorge old-growth forest. Alan Levine spoke about the information that was left out of the THP. It was this lack of sufficient information that led the CDF to deny the plan.

Tom Falk of Stewarts Point spoke about the fine land stewardship of the timberland owner, Harold Richardson.

Other speakers during the public comment period were Paul Mason for Sierra Club and Richard Gienger for the Environmental Protection Information Center.

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