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Gualala Redwoods seeks development partner

According to the Delta Pacific, Inc. website:

“. . . Gualala Redwoods, Inc. is seeking a joint venture development partner for its Gualala Village tract.

. . . The [58 acre] tract gently slopes to a flat parcel of ocean plateau land with a beautiful bluff overlooking Highway One, the Pacific Ocean, and the estuary at the mouth of Gualala River.

. . . Gualala Redwoods, Inc. also owns 24 acres (“Mill Bend”) west of Highway One on the Gualala River adjacent to the 58-acre parcel for river access and a river trail, for integration into a resort complex, on the bluff at Gualala Village.” [emphasis added]

In the March 14, 2008 edition of the Independent Coast Observer, it was reported that Gualala Redwoods intends to limit access to the Mill Bend site:

“In the next few weeks, Gualala Redwoods Inc. (GRI) will install a gate at Mill Bend, a popular swimming spot on the Gualala River, to limit vehicle access to the river bed and floodplain. GRI Vice President Henry Alden said trash dumping and long-term camping has been a persistent problem.

During the summer, the gate will likely be open most days, Alden said, but will be locked at night and during the winter. Advernture Rents kayak rental in Gualala has a permit from GRI for access to the river.

Alden said the road into Switchville, another river swimming and fishing spot, will be marked with a sign that reads “No Vehicles Beyond This Point”, to protect the river bed from motor vehicle traffic and pollution.”

The officers of Delta Pacific include CEO Ollie Edmunds, Jr. and Senior Vice President Henry Alden. Dr. Edmunds is also Chairman of Gualala Redwoods, Inc, and Mr. Alden manages GRI’s operations.

Edmunds and Alden have publicly discussed their development plans for the “Gualala Village tract,” also known as the Lower Mill Site, on numerous occasions. Dr. Edmunds gave a tour of the Lower Mill Site, which is zoned “Gualala Planned Development,” to members of the Gualala Municipal Advisory Council in August, 2006.

During the tour, Mr. Alden commented, “You always have to wait for the market to develop before you spend that kind of money.” (“Landowners host tour of upland Gualala” by Julie Verran in the August 25, 2006 edition of the Independent Coast Observer).