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Bower logging plan: index to plan documents

Bower logging plan

1-08NTMP-009 MEN

Index to plan documents

[All documents are located on the
CAL FIRE website in pdf format]

Bower NTMP Plan Documents (revised 11/16/09)

  • Section 1   [0.6 MB] pp 1-6: Cover pages, signatures
  • Section 2   [15.8 MB]Checklists & brief descriptions
    p1: Plan of operations
    p14: Harvesting practices & soil stabilization
    p26: Roads and landings
    p41: WLPZ & watercourse protection
    p52: Biological resources: marbled murrelet, northern spotted owl, salmon, steelhead, red-legged frog, Pacific fisher, etc.
    p55: Plant species
    p57: LSFS Timber stand (old growth)
    p61: Maps
  • Section 3   [33.9 MB]General Description
    p84: Silviculture
    p97: Watercourse description
    p109: Biological Resources – includes late seral (old growth)
    p115: Individual logging units 1-8
    p184: Unit 9 – includes late seral (old growth)
  • Section 4   [11.5 MB]Cumulative Impacts & Alternatives
    p199: Cumulative Impacts assessment
    p211: Gualala River Watershed TMDL
    p214: Herbicides
    p232: Rare, Threatened & endangered species
    p245.1: Climate change
    p245.15: Alternatives to the Project
  • Section 5   [70.3 MB]Additional Information
    p262: Soil Erosion Hazard Worksheet
    p275: US FWS Species list for Robinson THP
    p280: CNPS inventory of rare & endangered plants
    p284: DFG Natural Diversity Database Search
    p287: Erosion Control Plan
    p303: US EPA TMDL for Sediment
    p325: Notifications & letters
    p401: Botanical Resources Reports
    p470: ICO article; GMAC letters
    p483: Gualala Town Plan
    p549: DFG 1602 Notification of future project
    p568: Partial Completion & Stocking Report: Robinson THP
    p569: Osprey Nest in Section 27
    p570: Botanical Resources Report, Units 3,4,8
    p571: Reach Site #204 report by Gualala River Watershed Council
    p572: DFG: Status of Pacific Fisher
    p572.6: Large Trees in Unit 9 (old growth)
    p572.18: Red-legged frog habitat assessment
    p572.28: Unit 9 “Wildlife Trees” (old growth)
    p572.46: Consultation on marbled murrelet
    p573: Northern spotted owl addendum
  • Section 6   [0.1 MB] Archeological sites [confidential]

Agency Reports
& Responses by Registered Professional Forester (RPF)

Department of Fish & Game

Water Quality Control Board

US Fish & Wildlife Service

CAL FIRE (Forest Practice)

California Geological Survey

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