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Water Export – What to do

What you can do to help

  • Fill out a protest form opposing the waterbags
  • Sign a petition opposing the waterbag scheme
  • Alaska Water Exports (AWE) has applied to obtain rights to water from the Gualala and Albion Rivers for export. In May 2002, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) staff determined that the applications were inadequate and incomplete, and gave AWE a deadline of July 1st to complete the applications. AWE met that deadline; the SWRCB apparently now considers the applications complete.

    (We thank the research of Dr. Hillary Adams and the Navarro River Watershed Protection Association for providing a significant amount of the content for this section.)

    1) Notify the State of your interest

    In order to advise the State of the depth of interest in this scheme, send a letter to:

    State Water Resources Control Board
    Division of Water Rights
    Post Office Box 2000
    Sacramento, CA 95812-2000

    Ask to be noticed for any applications for water rights in Mendocino and/or Sonoma County, especially application 31194 (Gualala) and 31195 (Albion). You can see copies of the notices on the SWRCB’s Albion & Gualala page

    For information on how to file a protest against the applications, see the protest section of our website.

    2) Contact elected officials to show your interest

    Messages you might consider at this time:

    For the Mendocino and Sonoma Boards of Supervisors:
    Thank them. These Boards have voted unanimously to oppose the water export scheme. The text of their resolutions are here:

  • Mendocino
  • Sonoma

    For State and Federal officials:
    Express your interest in and opposition to the water export scheme; their staffs will be alerted to the level of constituent interest. Write to your own representative; wherever you are a resident, you can have an effect on this issue.

    3) Contact regulatory authorities to advise of your interest

    The actions of regulatory agencies should begin now that they have been officially notified of the applications. However, these offices are frequently understaffed and need to choose which permit applications receive detailed attention. They will be appreciative of your advice that you are interested in the water export permit applications.

    Let them know of your interest and ask them to notify you when they begin work on the permit so that you can consider participating in any public hearings.

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