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The Albion River empties into the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino County, about four hours north of San Francisco, and about one hour north of Gualala.

Alaska Water Exports has filed an application with the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) for a permit to extract 6,200 acre-feet per year from the Albion River, for transport via tug & bag to San Diego. The local community is solidly opposed to this new threat to their river, and are determined to stop the waterbag scheme.

Visit the website of Albion Nation.

Information from the SWRCB:


Albion River estuary, with Highway 1 bridge
photo courtesy of Laurie York

Albion River estuary, aerial
photo courtesy of Rixanne Wehren

Photos of the California coast: Albion – from the California Coastal Records Project.

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