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Transition Town Movement

Transition Town Movement

Thursday, March 31, 2011
7:00 p.m.
Gualala Arts Center

Featuring a talk by
Mendocino Transition Town Movement leader
Charles Cresson Wood.

The purpose of the event is to explore the Transition Town Movement – how it has expanded in neighboring communities, around the US, and around the world – in light of starting such an effort on our Mendonoma coast.

Transition Towns is an international movement of more than 400 communities worldwide that have organized to localize their economy, reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, establish food security, and build resilience in the face of climate change and peak oil.

Charles Cresson Wood’s presentation, The Impacts of Peak Oil on Our Community and Lifestyle, looks at the current and future impact of peak oil on our coastal community and lives. “We will soon be experiencing those impacts,” says Wood, “and it will then be painfully clear that we must promptly transition to other energy sources.” We will explore a wide variety of these impacts, responses to these impacts, and discuss what can be done individually, as a family, and as a larger community. “Transition Towns,” says Wood, “looks to be the most powerful new approach available for community mobilization in response to peak oil, climate change, and financial system degradation.”

Charles Cresson WoodCharles Cresson Wood is a Technology Risk Management Consultant based in Mendocino as InfoSecurity Infrastructure, Inc.. He is author of a practical book describing the alternatives to petroleum entitled Kicking the Gasoline & Petro-diesel Habit: A business Manager’s Blueprint for Action. He has published seven other books and over 375 articles. He has been a keynote speaker at risk management conferences and has presented numerous workshops and seminars. He holds the following degrees and certifications: MBA, MSE, CISA, CISSP, and CISM… and has taught programming at the University of Pennsylvania.

This event is sponsored by Mendonoma Transition Towns / Planning Group, Matrix of Change, Friends of the Gualala River, Democrats United for Progress, the Arena Technology Center, and others.