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Stream Flow

I Have Never Seen the River Flowing With Such Power

 12/31/2005   Britt “In the hours after we received our second significant storm of the ’05/’06 winter, I made my way to the main stem of the Gualala River to photograph the full and flooding river in conjunction with the 6.9 foot high tide. I first attempted to reach the green bridge where the North Forks join the main stem. …

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Gravel Mining and the Garcia River

Gravel Mining and the Garcia River Sources of Information, Problems and Solutions Prepared for the Implementation Subcommittee of the Garcia WatershedAdvisory Group by Leslie Dahlhoff, May 19, 1996. I.  Sources of Information: Local: Fugro West, Inc. 1994.  Revised Draft Environmental ImpactReport for Gualala Aggregates, Inc Fugro West, Inc. 1995.  FEIR for Gualala Aggregates, Inc. MCRCD (Mendocino County Resource Conservation District). …

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