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Fish Emulsion – a poem

by Randall Sinclair “Fish Emulsion” Mankind has tried many ways To rid this planet Of unwanted species. Coyote, Puma, Pomo, Coho. Religion, bullets, treaties, clearcuts. Now he poisons the Mother Tree. The She-Oak that feeds us Without discrimination. High in carbohydrates, The Oak has seen many cultures Through hungry winters. The Timber Barons Think that Tanbark Has become a problem …

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New vineyards sprayed with herbicides

3/20/2006   Peter “All the big new vineyards on Annapolis Road have recently been sprayed with herbicides, and the characteristic brown-out and discoloration is showing up now, demonstrating how extensive the spray area is… and during an intense period of rain and runoff to seasonal creeks. The old Annapolis vineyard and new olive plantations are managed for weeds by non-chemical …

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Pesticide use in the Gualala River watershed

The Critical Habitat Project of the Center for Ethics and Toxics (CETOS) has completed the first-ever inventory of pesticide usage in the Gualala River watershed.Using the most current data available from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, researchers at CETOS discovered 1,250 pounds of pesticide active ingredients were used in forestry and vineyard operations within the Gualala River watershed during …

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