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letters written by experts

Letters written by subject matter experts
on behalf of
Friends of the Gualala River

Your contributions enable us to hire biologists, hydrologists, geologists, foresters and attorneys when needed to submit expert commentary on proposed development and logging plans.

These comments provide the technical and scientific evidence needed by agencies and the courts to enforce California’s environmental laws and regulations for the protection of the Gualala River watershed.

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Friends of the Gualala River

Artesa (“Fairfax”) vineyard conversion
Result: Court rejects EIR; project approval withdrawn

Artesa Final EIR
Result: EIR certified; lawsuit filed

Artesa Recirculated Draft EIR
Result: CalFire approves Final EIR

Artesa Draft EIR
Result: Draft EIR partially recirculated

Artesa Neg Dec
Result: Neg Dec withdrawn – EIR required

  • 5/03: Patrick Higgins, biologist
  • 5/03: Greg Kamman, hydrologist
  • 5/03: Dennis Jackson, hydrologist
  • 5/03: Paul Carroll, attorney

Bower NTMP (1-08NTMP-009 MEN)
Result: Petition filed; now under review

Gualala River gravel mining
Result: significantly improved environmental protection

Little Creek vineyard conversions
(Roessler, Martin & Hansen/Whistler)
Result: Court agreed – EIR required; now in process

Coastal Ridges: Option A & Robinson Creek THP
Result: Option A approved (over our objections)

Hernandez NTMP (1-06NTMP-009 SON)
Result: Petition dismissed

Sonoma County General Plan, forest protection
Result: Forest Protection ordinance passed (in weakened form)

Campbell vineyard conversion
Result: Permanent stay granted

Haupt Creek THP (Sonoma old growth redwood forest)
Result: THP rejected by Board of Forestry